Original Chai blend

Original Chai blend


My original blend of nourishing, organic spice and black Assam tea! This handcrafted chai recipe has been passed down to me over generations, and creates the perfect balance of flavors in every cup. These heirloom spices are also ancient super foods with numerous health benefits including immune system-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying properties. I use fresh ginger root from a local farm, which I wash, chop, cure, and blend into the chai.

Why did I develop this curing method? By starting with fresh, organic California ginger root grown right here, I could maintain the integrity, purity, natural enzymes, and health benefits of fresh ginger while allowing it to be shelf-stable. I recommend using the chai blend within 6 months of purchase. My original Chai Latte Recipe and instructions for brewing are included. Delicious hot or iced!

Ingredients: black tea, heirloom cardamom, cinnamon verum, Ugunja cloves, California ginger root, nutmeg. All Organic | Fair-trade | Sustainably Sourced | Vegan | Gluten free

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Preparation : You can brew chai in 3 ways:

1) Steep as you would any other loose leaf tea OR
2) Steep in hot water + combine with steamed milk for a latte OR
3) Brew in the traditional Indian method with your choice of milk + a touch of sweetener (see included recipe card).