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Chai is a daily ritual in my family. When I created Chai Five, my mission was simple: to share my family’s time-honored chai recipe as an authentic, sustainably-sourced blend for all to enjoy. Nothing artificial. Just pure, delicious chai.

Disillusioned by the mass-produced, culturally-appropriated boxed "chai tea" that lacked any thread of authenticity, and dissatisfied with the conventional ground spices and tea bags I found expiring on the shelves of most grocery stores, I became dedicated to creating a radically different chai blending process to capture the flavor complexities of traditional homestyle chai while still honoring its origins and maintaining its health benefits. The challenge became acutely clear as I realized traditional knowledge and wisdom are almost impossible to measure quantitatively. Thus, I began a quest to discover how to formulate an age -old recipe by translating pinches, hunches, memories, stories, and generational customs into grams and ounces. 

For almost 2 years, I also worked on developing a unique curing method to capture the flavor of freshly harvested ginger root (a highly perishable yet imperative ingredient in my family's recipes)  in a form that could be preserved over time. Once I was able to perfect the ginger-curing process, I began creating the chai blend. Searching for ethical and transparent tea and spice suppliers that could supply the highest quality ingredients, I connected serendipitously with a small, organic tea estate in northern India and a spice farm in Zanzibar. I then carefully blended hundreds of small batches by hand with the home-cured ginger and roasted, stone-ground spices, working to identify the exact needed proportions of each potent spice based on the ancient Ayurvedic traditions I grew up with. Every free afternoon I had, I would spend washing and chopping ginger for curing, and grinding spices by hand in my mortero. stirring pots of chai in deep concentration, I observed, recorded, and weighed every particle down to the microgram to ensure I had a precise measurement anyone could use to replicate the formula exactly. Finally, the result from this whole journey is a rich, smooth, perfectly balanced chai blend to nourish the body and soul. Making chai is a labor of love for me, not least of which is due to the multi-sensory pleasure of the experience. I invite you to make Chai Five part of your daily ritual, and take a journey into pure bliss with every a cup. Thank you for supporting Chai Five! 

-Ani J.

Founder, Chai Five Tea Co.

For the love of chai...

For the love of chai...